For us, company size isn’t important.

LoughTec was formed in 2006, 17 years ago we began as a IT start-up and were ahead of time technology wise offering clients remote access solutions, which now, is common in the working environment especially since Covid-19.

We have grown our capability and honed our expertise over many years to offer our clients a powerful portfolio of services, having added a large managed services business and cybersecurity products and clients to our portfolio.

While we have grown and developed, what has never changed has been our unwavering client focus. We are in the business of helping people by giving them the best possible service as standard.

This focus on people runs through LoughTec in everything we do, how we do it and by the people we employ. We have plans for growth, particularly in Cybersecurity, but we are grounded and driven by the focus on people we have had from the very start.

LoughTec is built on:

  • Ferocious integrity
  • Unflinching courage
  • Passionate service
  • Collective ingenuity
  • Tribe

"Scalable cost structure and billing, based on clients' requirements. We listen."

We support clients of all sectors and sizes

LoughTec. IT Benefits for Every Business

Our Clients Say

Our clients tell us that we are approachable, affordable, knowledgeable and skilled. They say that working with LoughTec gives them confidence in their IT systems, their security and their service to their customers. We work hard with our customers to build a strong bond of trust, to be accessible and reliable, and to enable our customers to benefit from our experience.

Our People

Managed IT, Security and Remote Access

We invest in our people to make them experts. This is done through individual training and qualifications.

This means we can offer our customers a wide portfolio of remote access, storage, networking and hardware products that are proven, roadworthy and robust.

Each of our people is trained accordingly, so you are working directly with an expert you can rely on.