Is Anything We Say Safe Anymore?

I frequently wonder how often we are being watched or listened to these days. It seems the norm now for everyday things we’ve been discussing with friends and family to appear on our social media platforms. I’m sure we have all seen the Amazon pop up advertising the product we had just discussed or even […]

The Budget Item Missing From Your Budget for 2022

In our latest blog, LoughTec CEO Sean McDermott discusses the budget item that you are missing for 2022, and why it’s important to act now. Thinking back over the past 25 years, I remember how much I was looking forward to having my first work mobile phone. Then in the early 2000s, I was excited […]

My Initial Months in Cyber Security

My Initial Months in Cyber Security - Jonathan Adams

Thanks for taking the time to read my article. I’m Jonathan (Jonny) and joined LoughTec a few months ago, to head up Cyber Security Sales. LoughTec specialises in protecting the worlds critical infrastructure (Think anything key to how you live your life) with specific cyber security solutions, such as secure file upload and secure file […]

LoughTec announce Human Resources software rollout

LoughTec, one of the UK and Ireland’s leading IT infrastructure specialists, has announced its plans to implement HRLocker into its business operations. The award-winning HR cloud-based software package will be used across LoughTec’s three business divisions, digitally transforming the company’s people management and recruiting efforts moving forward. Commenting on the announcement, LoughTec CTO Cathal Green […]