Hackers guessed the world’s most common password in under 1 second

Hackers guessed the world's most common password in under 1 second - blog

NordPass, the password management tool from the team behind NordVPN, released its list of the 200 most common passwords in 2022 — and it turns out people are still using notoriously weak passwords. The most common password in the world this year was the infamously bad “password”, and it took hackers under one second to […]

Areas to prioritise for cybersecurity

Areas to prioritise for cybersecurity - LoughTec

Even in the final weeks of 2022, there are steps you can take to bolster your organisation’s security. As 2022 winds down, it’s tempting to allocate all IT resources to 2023 planning. But, it would be a mistake to assume that there are no remaining security items to address this year. The ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape […]

Why You Should Consider Making The Move To Office 365

Why you should consider making the move to Office 365 - LoughTec

Efficiency is crucial for business owners. Being able to create, collaborate and communicate at ease enables organisations to be more productive. Everyday tools such as Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint and Teams are now part of the fabric of the workplace, whether you’re working in the office environment or from home. What would life be like […]

Antivirus is no longer enough

Antivirus isn't enough anymore - Aaron Curran

I wrote this blog on the back of a recent customer visit. During the meeting I explained how fatal a cyber-attack could be to their business, to which they replied: “But, we have got a good antivirus, don’t we?” Yes, they were right – they do have antivirus protection, however antivirus only knows what it […]

Newry Chamber Event: Protecting Your Business Assets From Cyber Threats

Protecting Your Business Assets From Cyber Threats - LoughTec Newry Chamber

Thursday 17th November 2022 8.30 AM – 10.00 AM Canal Court Hotel & Spa, Newry Register Here   Bringing together business leaders, industry experts and SMEs that have embraced technological change, this informative event in collaboration with Newry Chamber will explore how you can mitigate against the growing cyber threat and how to apply these […]

The Threat That Keeps Threatening – Everywhere And To Everyone

The Threat That Keeps Threatening - Seán McDermott

“Why in the name of God would anyone target my small manufacturing business in the backwaters of Tyrone?” After a few days away from the office, I returned to LoughTec HQ. I went away from the office safe in the knowledge that #TeamLoughTec continued to fight the unending battle against cyber threats 24/7/365. Within the […]

The Importance of Patch Management

The importance of patch management - LoughTec

What is Patch Management? Patch management is the process of distributing and applying updates to software. These patches are often necessary to correct vulnerabilities or bugs in the software. Common areas that will need patches include operating systems, applications and network equipment. When a vulnerability is found after the release of a piece of software, […]

LoughTec wins place on public sector framework

G-Cloud 13 - LoughTec

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has awarded a place on its new G-Cloud 13 framework to LoughTec. CCS is the largest public sector procurement organisation in the UK.   This announcement continues the company’s recent success with G-Cloud, having been awarded a place on two previous versions of the framework, G-Cloud 12 and G-Cloud 11. Under the […]

Top tips on keeping you safe from online hackers and cybercriminals

top tips on keeping safe online

As a business owner, you should be aware of the dangers of cyberattacks. These attacks can come from anywhere in the world and have devastating consequences. Ten years ago, any IT Manager had 45 days to apply software patches (fixes for vulnerabilities the threat actors find in software daily). Today it is more like a […]