Top Tips for Phishing Defense: Strengthening Your Cyber Armor

Essential defense strategies against phishing and spear-phishing attacks, presenting ten actionable tips for heightened protection. The origin of “phishing’ can be traced back to the mid-1990s, when the word first appeared in a Usenet newsgroup called AOHell. A software toolkit was named this as a play on its target, AOL, and its millions of users. […]

Unlocking Cybersecurity’s Future

How AI is Redefining Threat Detection, Incident Management and Human Behaviour Analysis Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significant implications for the future of cyber security. It is both a tool that can enhance cybersecurity measures and a potential threat vector that cybercriminals may exploit. Here is some key ways AI is shaping the future of cyber […]

Cybersecurity Predictions for 2024

Cyber Attacks Rise by 7% Across the Globe in Q1 2023 - LoughTec Cyber Security

Prediction #1: AI will evolve to become more broadly accessible while cybersecurity vendors continue to address the reliability, diversity, and privacy of data. AI’s value is rooted in the breadth and reliability of data, which Cybersixgill predicts will significantly improve in 2024 as AI vendors advance the richness and fidelity of results. AI will become broadly accessible to […]

Illinois Hospital Blames Ransomware Attack for Unprecedented Closure

Illinois Hospital Blames Ransomware Attack for Unprecedented Closure

St. Margaret’s Health in Spring Valley, Illinois, will permanently shut down as a result of a debilitating cyberattack, making it the first hospital to publicly attribute its closure to criminal hackers. The hospital’s parent organisation, SMP Health, had previously announced plans to close due to various factors, including the cyberattack, staff shortages, and the ongoing […]

Zero-Day Alert: Google Issues Patch for New Chrome Vulnerability – Update Now!

Google issues patch for new Chrome Vulnerability - LoughTec Cyber Security Company

On Monday 5th June 2023, Google released security updates to patch a high-severity flaw in its Chrome web browser that it said is being actively exploited in the wild. Tracked as CVE-2023-3079, the vulnerability has been described as a type confusion bug in the V8 JavaScript engine. Clement Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) has […]

SAS Airlines hackers ransom demand up again – now $10M

SAS Airlines hack

Anonymous Sudan, the pro-Russian hacker group that has been targeting SAS Airlines for more than a week, has increased its ransom demand again – this time to $10 million. The hacktivist gang has been bullying Scandinavian Airlines with intermittent attacks, knocking the SAS website and app offline at various hours of the day, since May 24th. What […]

Predator Android Spyware Researchers Uncover New Data Theft Capabilities

Predator Android Spyware Researchers Uncover New Data Theft Capabilities

Security researchers have detailed the inner workings of the commercial Android spyware called Predator, which is marketed by the Israeli company Intellexa (previously Cytrox). Predator was first documented by Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) in May 2022 as part of attacks leveraging five different zero-day flaws in the Chrome web browser and Android. The spyware, which is delivered […]

Legion Malware Upgraded to Target SSH Servers and AWS Credentials

Legion Malware Upgraded to Target SSH Servers and AWS Credentials

An updated version of the commodity malware called Legion comes with expanded features to compromise SSH servers and Amazon Web Services (AWS) credentials associated with DynamoDB and CloudWatch. “This recent update demonstrates a widening of scope, with new capabilities such the ability to compromise SSH servers and retrieve additional AWS-specific credentials from Laravel web applications,” […]

Data Stealing Malware Discovered in Popular Android Screen Recorder App

Data Stealing Malware

Google has removed a screen recording app named “iRecorder – Screen Recorder” from the Play Store after it was found to sneak in information stealing capabilities nearly a year after the app was published as an innocuous app. The app (APK package name “”), which accrued over 50,000 installations, was first uploaded on September 19, […]