Effects of cyber-attack still being felt at Gloucester City Council over a year later

Gloucester City Council cyber attack - LoughTec Cyber Security Company

A cyber security attack is stopping a museum from accessing its artefact database more than a year after the initial breach. Benefit payments, planning applications and house sales were all delayed when Gloucester City Council was hit by hackers in 2021. A council report has now revealed the Museum of Gloucester is still being affected […]

Acer suffers another data hack

Acer Hack - LoughTec Cyber Security Company

Acer’s cyber security defences have been breached by a hacker who claims to have stolen confidential data from the PC maker, including files on the company’s products. The culprit is now selling access to the stolen files on a forum frequented by hackers. “The leak contains a total 160GB of 655 directories, and 2,869 files,” […]

Popular password manager LastPass hacked with user data compromised

LoughTec Cyber Security Company - LastPass

The massive cyber security breach at LastPass was the result of one of its engineers failing to update Plex on their home computer, in what’s a sobering reminder of the dangers of failing to keep software up-to-date. The embattled password management service last week revealed how unidentified actors leveraged information stolen from an earlier incident that took […]

Letterkenny Event: Protecting Your Business Profitability in 2023

Letterkenny Chamber LoughTec Event

Thursday 9th February 9.00 am – 11.00 am CoLab, ATU, Port Road, Letterkenny Register here LoughTec, in collaboration with Letterkenny Chamber – are bringing together expertise across three key areas; cyber security, compliance and customs – to help you, the busy business leader, arm yourself with the right information to mitigate against potential threats and […]

Cyber Essentials Grace Period Extended

Cyber Essentials Grace Period Extension - LoughTec

Cyber Essentials has extended the certification grace period to April 2023 to coincide with the next technical requirements refresh. In January 2022, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) announced an update of the Cyber Essentials technical controls. At the time, organisations looking to be assessed against the new standards were given a grace period of […]

The Scams To Be Wary Of This Christmas

Christmas Scams To Be Wary Of - LoughTec

In the last couple of days before Christmas, people are frantically buying last-minute gifts. But being in a rush sets you up to be the perfect hacking victim. One scam is preying on people using a seemingly innocuous tool – the wish list, employed by a range of stores. It’s part of a larger trend […]

Hackers guessed the world’s most common password in under 1 second

Hackers guessed the world's most common password in under 1 second - blog

NordPass, the password management tool from the team behind NordVPN, released its list of the 200 most common passwords in 2022 — and it turns out people are still using notoriously weak passwords. The most common password in the world this year was the infamously bad “password”, and it took hackers under one second to […]

Areas to prioritise for cybersecurity

Areas to prioritise for cybersecurity - LoughTec Cyber Security Company

Even in the final weeks of 2022, there are steps you can take to bolster your organisation’s security. As 2022 winds down, it’s tempting to allocate all IT resources to 2023 planning. But, it would be a mistake to assume that there are no remaining security items to address this year. The ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape […]