What is Business Email Compromise (BEC)? Risks and Best Practices to Mitigate Against It

Business Email Compromise - LoughTec Cyber Security

Your business is a target! Business Email Compromise (BEC) is a type of cybercrime that has become increasingly common in recent years. BEC scams involve an attacker impersonating an executive or employee of a company, with the goal of tricking the recipient into providing sensitive information or authorising a fraudulent financial transfer. BEC scams often […]

Former Uber Chief Security Officer Convicted for Concealing Cyber Hack

Former Uber Chief Security Officer Convicted for Concealing Cyber Hack

Uber’s former chief security officer has been convicted of failing to tell US authorities about a 2016 hack of the company’s databases. A jury in San Francisco found Joe Sullivan – fired from Uber in 2017 – guilty of obstruction of justice and concealing a felony. Increasingly, companies negotiate with ransomware hackers. But investigators said […]

Cyber Attacks Rise by 7% Across the Globe in Q1 2023

Cyber Attacks Rise by 7% Across the Globe in Q1 2023 - LoughTec Cyber Security

Weekly cyber-attacks have increased worldwide by 7% in Q1 2023 compared to the same period last year, with each firm facing an average of 1248 attacks per week. The figures come from Check Point’s latest research report, which also suggests that the education and research sector experienced the highest number of attacks, rising to an average of […]

Customer data may have been breached during cyber-attack, Capita admits

Capita customer data breach - LoughTec Cyber Security

Outsourcing group Capita, which runs crucial services for the NHS and military, has for the first time admitted that hackers accessed potential customer, staff and supplier data during a cyber-attack last month. The company said its investigation into the attack – which caused major IT outages for clients including local councils – found that hackers infiltrated its systems […]

Abuse victims’ data stolen in ransomware attack

Abuse victims' data stolen in ransomware attack | LoughTec Cyber Security

Four organisations that deal with victims and survivors of rape and sexual abuse have had their data stolen following a ransomware attack on a company in Northern Ireland. The company, Evide, which is based in Derry and manages data for around 140 charities and non-profit organisations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK, was targeted […]

Uber suffers another data breach after law firm’s servers attacked

Uber data breach | LoughTec Cyber Security Company

Uber has found itself in the middle of yet another data breach, this time as a result of private driver data being stolen from a third-party law firm. Genova Burns, a mid-sized law firm based in New Jersey, has written to the affected Uber drivers that confidential information belonging to them, such as their social […]

UK Government outlines plan to secure NHS from cyber attacks

UK Government outlines plan to secure NHS from cyber attacks - LoughTec Cyber Security Company

New strategy sets out 5 key ways to build cyber resilience in health and care by 2030 Cyber strategy will protect health and adult social care functions and services, which the whole nation depends on Part of government’s commitment to build a stronger, more sustainable NHS for the future   Patients will benefit from bolstered […]

Effects of cyber-attack still being felt at Gloucester City Council over a year later

Gloucester City Council cyber attack - LoughTec Cyber Security Company

A cyber security attack is stopping a museum from accessing its artefact database more than a year after the initial breach. Benefit payments, planning applications and house sales were all delayed when Gloucester City Council was hit by hackers in 2021. A council report has now revealed the Museum of Gloucester is still being affected […]