Secure Access

Trust Endpoint Access to Your Cloud and Local Networks

The proliferation of BYOD and cloud applications and the growing need to also access corporate data remotely has accelerated the demand for secure access including unmanaged device oversight and compliance. It is more important than ever to go beyond basic checks such as OS-level and anti-virus to include removable media, unwanted applications, keyloggers and screen capture protection.

In addition to ensuring the device is secure, organisations need secure access to the network, applications and data.

The LoughTec Secure Access solution

Visibility and Compliance

Our MetaAccess Solution addresses both secure access and device compliance in a single platform.

MetaAccess is uniquely positioned to ensure that wherever your data is located and wherever the user is located, the access and the device will be secure and meet your security policies. Implementing secure access for remote and on-prem users, and ensuring endpoint compliance for managed, BYOD and IoT devices can take months, requiring senior network engineers and administrators, as well as third party consultants.

With this single platform approach, the implementation and management become easier for IT staff, both to implement and manage on an ongoing basis, with no third-party services required.

Client benefits

Secure endpoints, meet regulatory compliance and provide secure network and application access all within a single platform.

Defines and enforces security policy, creates audit documentation and reports.

Consolidate disparate solutions for threat detection, vulnerability assessment, audit, compliance, and incident response into a single point of oversight.

Endpoint access control minimises malware exposure and regulatory fines.

Self-remediation guides users to solve issues themselves.

Scale your business with pay-as-you-grow licensing by device or by named user.

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