Secure Communication Platform

End-to-end encrypted communications

We understand the security of mobile communications in today’s global business environment is paramount, that’s why Salt Communications’ secure communication platform is built with the features & technology to keep your communications private and compliant.

Secure Messaging

Our solution offers users the ability to send secure one-to-one messages to their Salt Communications contacts.

Secure Voice Calls

We allow users to make secure one-to-one calls with their contacts anywhere in the world on any network.

Group Chats

Salt Communications supports 16 person secure group chats. This allows users to share messages and attachments securely to a larger group of people.

Conference Calling

We pride ourselves on quality voice conferencing allowing up to 16 participants at any one time. All VoIP calls are encrypted and secure in any region.

Peer to Peer Video Calling

We provide the ability for users to securely make video calls with complete privacy.

Message Burn

Our burn functionality allows our users to purge information from their device & all recipients devices too. This can be done manually, or have a timer setting.

File Transfer

From confidential documents, to sensitive image transfer, Salt Communications allows for multiple file attachments that are completely encrypted end-to-end.

In App Restrictions

Administrators have the ability to prevent users having the capabilities to download documents & images.

Screenshot Protection

Administrators can restrict the capability of users to take screenshots. If screenshots are taken users will receive a message notification.


We allow customers to push out live alerts to large groups of users within an organisation. This feature will enable organisations to send messages, share images & documents as well as assign the level of severity to an alert.

All Communications Encrypted

All communications using Salt Communications are encrypted end-to-end using the latest encryption technologies meaning you never have to worry about your calls being intercepted or your information being compromised. Privacy, and security is a priority for Salt Communications and we understand its importance in the enterprise.

Contacts and Circles Controlled Centrally

Compliance and control are essential in the enterprise that’s why User contact lists and circles are controlled using the Salt Communications Manager by an Administrator you assign. There are no hooks into personal contact lists ensuring complete control over communications in and out of your business.

Analyse Usage and User Activity

Salt Communications offers cross-company or individual analytics and reports on usage and activity to ensure you get the most out of Salt and keep on top of communications.

Trusted, flexible deployment

Whether in a hosted environment or privately deployed on your own infrastructure, we offer state of the art encryption, the easiest deployment in the industry, and Multi-Factor Authentication of all administrative users.

Secure Global Management

Our platform uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to secure administrator credentials and lets you provision and manage users remotely ensuring privacy and compliance from anywhere in the world on any network.

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