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Letterkenny Institute of Technology

LoughTec - secure remote working Letterkenny IT

The Challenge

Letterkenny Institute of Technology required a robust virtual desktop infrastructure to support distance learning. Their solution had to provide remote access for staff and students from any device anywhere, anytime. Devices varied from ageing PCs to the most current smartphone. The Institute was using Microsoft Gateway Access to provide students with a limited range of local networks and web-based services. 

"Installing Connect has resolved our remote access challenges, enhanced IT support and delivered a robust 24/7 BYOD learning environment that is capable of accommodating the college’s expansion plans.”

The Outcome

Following the adoption of Loughtec’s Connect, all users could access shared network drives and learning applications from any device even when they were not on campus. Connect exceeded LYIT’s criteria for implementation, and it also solved complicated software and applications licensing problems that had proved difficult to resolve. LoughTec Connect solved the license sharing issues and provided students with reliable access to services 24/7.


Secure, centrally managed Windows and Linux applications access from a single platform for any device.

  • Enterprise-level functionality
  • Superior user experience
  • Cloud-ready
  • High availability
  • Scalable
  • Enhanced performance

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