LoughTec – COVID-19 Policy – May 2020 Update


Are there any circumstances where LoughTec will cancel a visit?

LoughTec – COVID-19 Policy – May 2020 Update

Due to the COVID-19 situation, we have been operating a limited service to support efforts to reduce the spread of the virus.

All of our services are available online and remotely, at loughtec.com, or you can email us with your query to helpdesk@loughtec.com.

We want to reassure businesses that we’re doing our upmost to continue to support you.

We want to reassure businesses that we’re doing our upmost to continue to support you. Our technical and sales teams are still on hand to answer any questions and queries you may have. Call us on 02882 252445, or drop us an email at helpdesk@loughtec.com, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Our technical support line continues to operate. We are developing new procedures in line with the Government advice on working safely issued on 11th May, and plan to have our full service running safely soon.

If you need to leave Hardware in for maintenance or repair there is a drop-off point at our main office entrance which is signposted and safe. This facility is currently available between 11am – 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Please follow the guidelines at the desk for cleaning equipment and dropping off. Please respond to your ticket to confirm drop off and a LoughTec engineer will follow up with you once the device is ready for collection.

General Information: Site Visits

If a LoughTec employee attends my property, will they be equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Your well-being and that of other members at your business is our priority while carrying out any work on site. So that you and our employees stay safe, all our staff will use Personal Protective Equipment that meets Government and Health and Safety Executive guidelines. A dynamic risk assessment that is specific to your situation will be carried out prior to entering your property, which will determine the appropriate PPE to be worn, for example, gloves.
Guidance on keeping yourself safe can be found here: https://www.gov.uk/coronavirus. Please note, if you are shielding (vulnerable) or have COVID-19 symptoms, and you have a planned visit, you must make all parties aware and have the appointment re-arranged.

Will LoughTec want to visit my business if we have symptoms of COVID-19 or are shielding?
So that you, other members of your Business and our staff can all stay safe, we won’t visit properties where staff:

• have symptoms of COVID-19.
• are self-isolating,
• are shielding or classed as vulnerable.

We’ll be pleased to carry out a visit once you’re feeling well enough and have completed any self-isolation requirements (as per the Government guidelines) and are happy for us to visit.

Are there any circumstances where LoughTec will cancel a visit?
We want to ensure our customers and employees stay safe. This means all visits will start with our staff taking a risk assessment before starting any inspection. If a risk is clearly identified, they reserve the right to cancel the visit to ensure the safety of you and themselves.
We’ll need to cancel a visit to your property if our staff member falls ill with COVID-19 symptoms or must self-isolate in accordance with the Governments guidelines.

Will the LoughTec employee apply the two-metre social distancing guidelines within my property?
To ensure your safety and that of our employees, our staff will apply the two-metre social distancing measures. We may also ask you and any other members to wait in another room or go outside while the work is carried out or to open doors and windows in the room they are working in.
We’ll call you before our visit to check that you and other members are well and that no one has suspected COVID-19 symptoms, is self-isolating or shielding.

Which areas of my property will the LoughTec staff need to access?
Our staff will need to access:

• the appliance or device which is the subject of the visit.
• possibly the server room.
• we may also need to visually inspect any other installed appliances i.e. broadband router, switches etc…

Will LoughTec staff need hand washing facilities?
Ideally yes, but as part of their PPE, our staff will have their own hand sanitiser.

Will LoughTec staff require anything else?
We politely ask that the area where the staff will be working is clear, tidy and cleaned/sanitised before the visit.
The LoughTec staff will ensure the area of the business worked in is left clean and tidy.

What if Loughtec needs to reconfigure several devices while on our site?
If this is required the work can be conducted remotely, our engineer will leave your site and call you back to complete any additional work remotely, this reduces the risk of cross-contamination of user’s device’s and any possible risk posed to both your staff and LoughTec staff.

What if Loughtec cannot reconfigure several devices remotely?
Our engineers will have PPE such as gloves, these will be changed before moving onto the next user’s device or desk, this will help to reduce the risk to both your staff and LoughTec staff.

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