Case Study

LoughTec Security Operations Centre protects Woodvale Construction from cyber threats

LoughTec Cyber Security Company - Security Operations Centre Woodvale Construction

The Challenge

  • Payment portal and bank transfer interceptions. Most often the risk comes in the form of fraudulent invoices being sent to their employees, typically via accounts personnel.
  • Attacks on the corporate network due to the centralisation of services at their head offices in Omagh. Co Tyrone.
  • Employees, most often the weak link in a corporate cyber security environment. Malware contained within a link in an email or on a USB drive is a constant threat to all businesses.
  • 3rd party stakeholders (subcontractors/suppliers) sharing documents, and information through numerous touchpoints. It is therefore vital that everyone involved implements an effective cyber strategy.

"The construction industry has changed massively in the past few years. We are using IT more and more in our business and we are providing clients with models of how their buildings are going to look. This is really the future of construction and shows why our IT infrastructure and protecting our data are so important to us. The SOC helps protect our IT infrastructure, protecting our business and our data.”

The Outcome

LoughTec was selected by Woodvale Construction to implement its Security Operations Centre (SOC) across the company’s network and endpoints and to provide ongoing support to the company against all cyber threats. Combining people and technology, the SOC also constantly collects information from Woodvale’s networks, adding context to their overall threat management process, providing regular reporting.


LoughTec’s deployment of the SOC provides Woodvale Construction with:

  • Active threat hunting and real-time responses, stopping breaches in their tracks.
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7/365 from a dedicated team of experienced IT professionals.
  • Nation-state grade managed detection and response (MDR) technology helps detect what others miss.
  • Peace of mind through monthly reporting with detailed system analytics.

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