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The Threat That Keeps Threatening - Seán McDermott, LoughTec Cyber Security Company

LoughTec CEO Seán McDermott recently returned to the office after a few days away. Despite only being away for a short time, in this blog, he explains the cyber threat instances which took place during that time along with the possible causes.

“Why in the name of God would anyone target my small manufacturing business in the backwaters of Tyrone?”

After a few days away from the office, I returned to LoughTec HQ. I went away from the office safe in the knowledge that #TeamLoughTec continued to fight the unending battle against cyber threats 24/7/365.

Within the first hour, I had to address the question above three times – from businesses that are not our clients.

Who would be brave enough to try and extort us businesses West of the Bann?

It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when.’

Here are a few of the big surprises:

  • One company had been breached for some considerable time whilst the threat actors figured out how to maximise the opportunity presented to them.
  • Windows 7 had been used as a weak point of entry.
  • Email spear phishing was also used to gain entry.
  • In both instances, once entry was gained, the hackers spent considerable time using the opportunity to move laterally through the network.
  • In one instance, the hackers had spent over 187 days doing reconnaissance on the network.
  • One of the sites had its backup routine altered to back up only useless data. They still were getting emails to say that their backups were completed – but the contents of the backup were useless.
  • All the cyber security attacks happened over a weekend – when all the businesses were closed.
  • Weak passwords also made hacking easier for threat actors. Not only was the password in question weak, but it had not been changed in 10 years.
  • One business had a clone of its website spin up and start to take fraudulent eCommerce orders.
  • One company had its finance system running on a server on-site. They came very, very close to losing all of their financial records.


And I was only away for a week or so…

These are not made-up examples.

These are real companies, in real-time, under a very real threat.

Some day you will join that list – it’s not a matter of ‘if’ but a matter of ‘when.’

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