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How can LoughTec protect your business?

LoughTec SOC is responsible for detecting, analysing and responding to security incidents in real time delivered through software, technology and (human) security analysts. In addition to 24/7 monitoring and management, the SOC helps organisations maintain
security policies and procedures, deliver training and provides regular reports on our customers security posture.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1.

No obligation, no cost initial consultation to review your current security protocols, enhanced potential requirements and your main concerns.

Step 2.

Deploy LoughTec System Security Scan for a deep dive on your current cyber posture as well as your threat risk score and analysis.

Step 3.

Review all findings and create our joint cyber security action plan to mitigate the potential risks.

Step 4.

Implement the required tailored cyber improvement plan and resolution actions for your business.

Step 5.

Ongoing LoughTec account management updates with additional training and support tools and plans available.

Customer Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it

Why choose LoughTec?

For us, company size isn’t important.

From our Head Office, we connect securely with clients worldwide, to manage their IT requirements cost-effectively and efficiently. Managing IT infrastructure, systems, software and security in-house can be a headache.

Which system? Is your IT secure? Is it the best fit for you? Is IT tying up staff time? LoughTec takes care of the pain, leaving you with the gains.

Our initial review will risk assess and review your Cyber Security and consider secure remote access. We specialise in security, managed IT services and remote working—outstanding performance at a competitive price.

Trust LoughTec. You can focus on your core business, your customers and your bottom line.

Our Roadmap

Our services include remote support and an online service desk 24/7