Case Study


LoughTec cyber security company BidX1

The Challenge

Cyber security threats continue to increase across the globe, with the risk to financial institutions being particularly prominent. For any business, attacks from malware can have catastrophic consequences, with the threat level only increasing year on year. Web applications account for 43% of all security breaches. BidX1 wanted to ensure that all types of files uploaded into their network by customers or employees, including Word, Excel and PDF files, were free from malicious malware.

“LoughTec is one of the leading Cyber Security systems providers worldwide and our research highlighted that they provide one of the most advanced file upload malware protection and detection solutions. This partnership with LoughTec gives us the confidence and assurance that every file system uploaded through our platform is malware and virus free, allowing us to focus on our core business of selling property.”

The Outcome

LoughTec worked in conjunction with their US and EMEA partners OPSWAT to implement BidX1’s new file scanning solution, MetaDefender Cloud. The solution scans all files that are uploaded into critical networks, such as Cloud storage like AWS, Box and Azure. This ensures BidX1 are protected from file borne malware threats that may lie within files, even if they appear innocent.


  • Multi-scanning – advanced threat detection and prevention technology that increases detection rates, decreases outbreak detection times and provides resiliency to anti-malware vendor issues.
  • Data sanitisation (Content disarm and reconstruction) – an advanced threat prevention technology that does not rely on detection
  • REST API, to ensure a true plug-and-play deployment
  • Built-in privacy, through private scanning, allows users to submit files to be analysed by OPSWAT, without sharing the file content

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