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We are at the forefront of providing Cyber Essentials certification. Defend your business against data breaches with our flexible Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials Plus solutions.

Why choose LoughTec Cyber Essentials?

Helping to make the UK & Ireland the safest place to live and work online.

At LoughTec, our approach covers the steps to cyber security that are advised by the National Cyber Security Centre as a minimum.

The Solution

Cyber Essentials and Essentials Plus; Simply being certified can reduce your cyber risk by up to 98.5%. And, it’s a great way to demonstrate that you take cybersecurity seriously – helping you grow as well as stay safe.

Hear what our customers have to say

“All of the LoughTec guys I spoke with tried to help us get to where we needed to be.

It didn’t feel like some auditors where they turn up and pass or fail you and have no care about the result. I felt I was being given advice on how to pass as they can see how important security is to us.

I was left feeling like I was being helped rather than just being judged on my IT setup.”

Our Roadmap

As a Cyber Essentials Certification Body, we offer the right level of support to ease your journey to achieving your certification.

This gives you complete peace of mind your cybersecurity is up to scratch.

We’ll give you a step-by-step checklist before the audit. So you’ll have everything you need to pass first-time

Our assessor will check for any final snags or issues and guide you through fixing them.

Once you’ve completed the questionnaire and we’ve checked it, that’s it. You’re ready to go and we’ll issue your certificate.

  • Certification within 24hrs
  • Jargon-free digital audit
  • Government-backed certification
  • Simple, plain English questionnaire
  • Unlimited support
  • Guided digital audit, with handy tips and expert advice

We are one of the UK & Ireland’s leading providers of Cyber Essentials certification. No jargon. No endless back and forth. And all the expert guidance you need to pass first time.

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