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Cyber Security Training Benefits for Employees

Risk Reduction

It is well documented that 80% to 90% of all cyber attack originate from Phishing emails, quite simply your staff don’t know, what they don’t know. 

Cyber security training for your staff assists in delivering a huge cyber-attack risk reduction for your business in all areas educating your staff and allowing them to understand the various risks that can be present to all business’s.

User Tailored Training

Doing a 1-hour cyber security presentation to staff once a year doesn’t work, continuous learning and testing is the only way to ensure cyber security is a top priority. LoughTec’s online cyber security training programme delivers both custom and user specific prioritized cyber security awareness training.  

Once an initial survey is completed users will be trained quicker on area’s they scored lowered in an are automatically enrolled or retested if required.

Covers All Essential Topics

LoughTec’s cyber security awareness training covers a wide variety of cyber security risks, it’s clear and concise and for users short and visual or easy to understand and is articulated in everyday terminology for the no technical staff. 

 Content covers everything required for a string base level cyber security knowledge allowing staff to better understand the associated risks in cyber security for your business.

Fully Automated

Once set up, the cyber security awareness training is fully automated for both the visual cyber security awareness training, email phishing simulations and the dark web domain monitoring.  

The cyber security training platform has been designed to be admin free and at the click of a button you can see the status and summary of any current or historical activity which allows for strong governance and compliance as well as an excellent audit trail if required to show all due care and diligence.

Cyber Security Awareness Training Topics for Employees

Phishing is one of the single largest issues faced by business’s today, billions of phishing emails are sent daily and some of them are very cleverly engineered or simply have great timing.  

It is critical staff understand the risks and have been educated on how to identify and report these to the business whilst also understating the huge impact a cyber security breach can have on the business.

It is well documented that password security is very poor in many organisations, this allows staff to see the importance of longer and more complex passwords while also ensuring that it is a unique password, to avoid repetitive passwords which in the example of a leak or breach of passwords, if the user is currently using the same password maybe months or years later, this allows straight unauthorized access into your business systems for a hacker.

How do your staff know about these, do they know anything about these or how to avoid the risks they present to your business?  Its critical they are educated to be able to spot these issue’s and avoid the potential pitfalls for malware, malicious websites and malicious applications which are frequently replicated to look like an almost undisguisable copy of the genuine one.

Ransomware is a huge issue globally with massive implications for businesses. 

Ransomware will lock out all machines and devices encrypting your data and bring business operations to a halt impacting revenue and profit as well as a substantial ransom demand from the hackers to decrypt your systems, along with the associated negative PR and potentially loss of current customer revenue and future business revenue.

Data security is a primary concern for all business and has serious ramifications and potential fines if there are data breach or loss issues.  

It is important staff fully understand this even if it not their primary function or role within the business, every employee is a risk and all business data is valuable and presents an opportunity for hackers to exploit and potentially financially gain from.

The Dark Web

The dark web has billions of leaked emails addresses and password as well as financial data, this can be both easily and cheaply purchased and criminals use this information to try and attack various business or employees to see if the credentials are still valid or try though credentials on various platforms which is called credential stuffing.  LoughTec’s cyber security training program cover dark web monitoring in the event your company domain details or email addresses appear on the dark web allowing instant action to be taken to mitigate the risk.

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Cyber Security Training Videos for Employees

We have developed a 4 stage approach to provide your employees with that tailored, measured and effective cyber security video training.

LoughTec has over 100 cyber security training courses with bespoke video learning content and an array of cyber security training and awareness topics.  Various levels of content complexity also from beginner, intermediate to advanced whilst covering all the current cyber security risks in the business landscape with user testing and retesting if required with a full reporting suite for compliance and governance.

1. Evaluate

Assess your employees’ existing cyber risk areas through a quick 15 minute gap analysis assessment.

2. Educate

Strengthen user resilience with tailored training programs that prioritise courses to tackle each users’ high risk areas first.

3. Calculate

Understand ongoing human risk and measure the impact of training through real-time reporting.

4. Demonstrate

Showcase your human risk and data protection efforts in audits and demonstrate compliance standards.

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Cyber Security Risk Management Training for Employees

Cyber security risk management training is essential for all businesses.  

The wide array of attack vectors and complexity within cyber security means staff need to be educated, trained and tested to help protect the business.  

Around 80% to 90% of all cyber attacks originate from a phishing email for example, so if you have Cyber security risk management training for your staff and have the correct procedures in place you can simply reduce your cyber security attack surface to the hackers by over 50%, coupled with the video awareness training and dark web monitoring LoughTec’s cyber security risk management training helps massively reduce your company’s overall attack surface and cyber security risk profile. 

The cyber security risk management training once set up is fully automated and has a dedicated reporting suite from a high-level view to drill down on all activities and users giving a fully comprehensive Cyber security risk management training governance and compliance portal.


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Cyber Security Training Company

LoughTec is an experienced cyber security training company and has vast experience in cyber security sales and training for companies in Northern Ireland, Ireland, UK, Europe and across the globe.  We have multiple bespoke cyber security services and products and deals with some of the biggest companies in the world.  

As a cyber security training company our experience and knowledge has been meticulously crafted in our LoughTec cyber security training company we have fully automated online training portals for cyber security awareness training, email phishing simulations, dark web email monitoring as well as a governance and compliance document library for all customers ensuring your business reduces the risk from cyber-attack.

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