Email Security

Protect your organisation against advanced email attacks

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security addresses email security threats and provides a malware detection rate up to 99.9%. Our email security service solution offers advanced threat prevention and the earliest protection against malware outbreaks. 

Sanitise email before it is delivered to prevent zero-day attacks, as well as using best-of-breed anti-spam and anti-phishing engines to prevent BEC attacks and real-time spam outbreaks.

The LoughTec Email Security solution

Protect your organisation against advanced email attacks

Advanced threats can bypass many malware detection applications used by email security solutions today. Our technologies deliver four key benefits to combat against email-borne threats:

  • Protect users from spam and BEC attacks.
  • Use prevention-based technologies against zero-day targeted attacks.
  • Scan with the best anti-malware solution, for the earliest protection against outbreaks.
  • Detect and redact sensitive data in emails, to comply with regulations (PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR and FINRA).


MetaDefender Email Gateway Security examines every email (header, body) and attachment, and scans all content with up to 20 anti-malware engines, resulting in high-speed, advanced threat prevention without impacting employee productivity.

MetaDefender Email Gateway Security delivers peace of mind, with no compromise.

Client benefits

Disarm unknown content and output clean, usable files.

Malware scanning of emails using up to 20 engines.

Prevent real-time spam outbreaks using one of the best anti-spam engines with the lowest false positive rate.

Our comprehensive anti-phishing technology performs multiple steps to neutralise links.

Detect over 30 file types, redact, or block sensitive and confidential data sent or received.

The entire email is processed: header, body, and attachments.

The most convenient solution to process encrypted attachments.

Deliver trust to your inbox
with our email security solution

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