Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Block ransomware and other browser-based exploits, while allowing secure access to any website

Current cybersecurity defences have proven to be ineffective at preventing browsing based exploits such as phishing attacks.  A remote browser isolation solution helps shield your business from all web-borne threats.

Advanced malware, including the drive-by zero-day browser exploits, amazingly realistic copycat phishing sites that pop up and down daily, weaponised web downloads and email attachments all frequently evade existing endpoint protection solutions and network security stacks. Once malicious code from websites gets onto a device’s local browser, the battle has effectively been lost.

The LoughTec Browser Isolation solution

Trust your network traffic

Our Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) technology helps shield your business from all web-borne threats, by rendering websites in remote, isolated containers in the cloud, delivering only safe rendering information to endpoint browsers.

No active content from the web ever reaches the endpoint, so all threats hidden on websites, even advanced browser-based exploits, are completely neutralised. Our zero trust web browsing prevents 100% of ransomware, zero-day malware, and phishing credential theft.

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