Security Operations Centre
(SOC) from LoughTec

24/7 monitoring and managed threat detection for your business.

Our outsourced security operations centre is the ideal solution for businesses requiring enterprise-grade threat detection and incident response capabilities.

The LoughTec SOC will analyse all data activity across your organisation’s networks, endpoints, servers and databases 24/7, giving you an advantage when defending cyber incidents, regardless of the source, day of the week or attack type.

The LoughTec Security Operations Centre

Security Operations Centre (SOC) as a Service

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers advanced, next-generation managed threat detection and incident response services to protect your organisation from emerging cyber threats.

As cyber attackers become more advanced, the need for state-of-the-art network security solutions continues to increase. However, many organisations lack the personnel or expertise to provide such a service, as well as being able to afford the massive upfront cost and ongoing investment which is needed.

Ask yourself:

  • How important is your data to you and your business?
  • What happens if you cannot access your data?
  • What impact does this have on you and your business?
  • Is your reputation affected because of this?
  • Will it impact your business finances?

We offer our Security Operations Centre to our Managed Technology customers, providing them with enterprise-grade threat detection and incident response capabilities at a fraction of the cost of an in-house SOC. Our managed SOC is well-versed in the constantly changing threat landscape and will provide absolute and unified security for your network infrastructures.

Client benefits

When a threat is detected and confirmed to be malicious, our team can detain the infected device immediately; cutting the threat actor out of your network and stopping the spread before it starts.

Have your SOC up running within a matter of days. We will do all the hard work, you can just sit back and relax.

Every month you’ll receive a report that summarises all the events investigated, the privileged accounts monitored, any suspicious findings, and an executive summary suitable for management.

Patented technology built from the ground, giving us the ability to continuously monitor and respond to the modern threat landscape.

We offer our service via a simplified pricing model – per month or per annum, giving you the flexibility to choose what is right for your business.

We monitor your network and detain threats, before it’s too late.

Network visualisation, insider threat monitoring, anti-malware, traffic analysis, and endpoint security, all in one rapidly deployed service.

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