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LoughTec cyber security Landsbankinn

The Challenge

Landsbankinn is a leading Icelandic financial institution based in Reykjavik. It is a market leader in the country’s financial services sector. Landsbankinn required an advanced and robust cybersecurity solution to form part of the Bank’s layered IT security strategy. Any solution would be required to cover its full enterprise network, which covers 800 staff across its 36 branch network and 130,000+ personal and corporate customers.

"We at Landsbankinn look forward to working with LoughTec over the next three years. The OPSWAT technology stack has given us an additional layer to our current security and enabled us to give our customers the same experience online as they can have at a branch office.”

The Outcome

LoughTec worked in conjunction with our US and EMEA partners OPSWAT to implement the Landsbankinn new cybersecurity suite. The suite provides cutting edge agentless cyber incident detection and response, standard compliance assurance, file integrity monitoring, endpoint vulnerability detection and remediation, asset management, shadow IT discovery and advanced business intelligence.


LoughTec’s advanced cyber-security solution protects Landsbankinn from content and device-based threats:

  • MetaDefender Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP)
  • Data sanitisation (CDR) advanced threat prevention technology
  • Multi-scanning resilient advanced threat detection and prevention technology
  • Efficient to implement and integrated seamlessly with the existing application programming interface

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