Case Study

LoughTec Security Operations Centre stops hack on well known NI-based Contractor on day 1

LoughTec Security Operations Centre stops hack on well known NI-based Contractor - LoughTec Cyber Security Company

The Challenge

LoughTec met with this large-scale contractor to discuss their overall IT infrastructure and cyber security, and their plans to improve their defences as the business grew. Given the scale of the contractor’s operations, their workforce and their growing order book of major projects, LoughTec felt the business was particularly at risk of sophisticated cyber attacks.

As a relatively late adapter to technology and digitisation, construction companies offer any number of breach points to cyber criminals throughout the three stages of design, construction and handover. “It will never happen to us” shouldn’t be a reason to ignore your security posture, yet often it does.

The Outcome

  • LoughTec identified during initial implementation on day 1 that the construction business in question had already been breached by cybercriminals.
  • The hacker who carried out the attack had been conducting reconnaissance for quite some time, most likely collecting vital information on the business’s networks, overall infrastructure, details on its employees and suppliers to identify opportunities to monetise.
  • The implementation of LoughTec’s Security Operations Centre on day 1 was luckily coincidental with the hacker planning to launch ransomware.
  • This vital intervention prevented any cyber breach from taking place, thus saving the company’s confidential intellectual property from extraction and encryption, as well as any subsequent business disruption that would have certainly followed.


LoughTec’s Security Operations Centre provides any business with:

  • Active threat hunting and real-time responses, stopping cyber security breaches in their tracks.
  • Continuous monitoring 24/7/365 from a dedicated team of experienced cyber professionals.
  • Nation-state grade managed detection and response (MDR) technology helps detect what others miss.
  • Peace of mind through monthly reporting with detailed system analytics.

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