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L.W. Surphlis & Son

LoughTec managed services LW Surphlis

The Challenge

Established in 1948, L.W. Surphlis & Son is an experienced animal feed producer, based in Co. Tyrone. Established in an era of post-war austerity, the business has grown significantly and diversified its offering over 70+ years, now stocking an extensive range of building materials and fertilisers. “As the business grew, the technical complexities also grew. We didn’t have an individual in-house with the correct technical skills, or enough work to keep someone employed full time in IT. We were keen to work with a local company, a company that understands the complexities of the local area and our business in particular.”

“LoughTec keeps our business running. We rely on our IT system to keep the admin side of our business correct – if we don’t have our IT working we cannot take orders, which means we can’t make the animal feed or get it sent out. It is an integral part of our business.”

The Outcome

LoughTec manages L.W. Surphlis & Son’s full scope of IT hardware and software across the business. “The staff at LoughTec have built up a knowledge of our systems, our staff and how things work. As soon as any members of our staff ring LoughTec with an issue, the LoughTec team already know the server setup, they even know what desks our staff sit at. They have a great visual already of what is going on. You cannot buy that expertise. You just don’t get that from a call centre in the middle of Belfast.”


Ensuring L.W. Surphlis & Son’s IT infrastructure is up to date and scalable to meet the future demands of the business:

  • Management of all IT hardware and software.
  • Supply and installation of all new devices and infrastructure.
  • Server monitoring and secure backups provided.
  • In-house backups of all company data, providing a daily reporting mechanism.
  • Continuous liaison, discussing business challenges to help drive business forward.
  • IT Helpdesk.

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