Why Use Managed IT Services?


Do you currently have the right in house talent to manage all of your IT needs?

Managed IT Services

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Managed Services – do you need external help? Unplanned downtime or compromised networks are never much fun, they often take time and lots of resources to rectify and if problems occur and you don’t have the people power, software or expertise to manage those problems it can not only be a real pain, but it can be very costly to your business.

The key reasons any companies employ a Managed Service Provider (MSP) are to help support their day-to-day IT needs and to free up internal resources to focus on more strategic projects.

Some of the managed services we offer include:

  1. Backup and Recovery
  2. Reporting
  3. Service Desk
  4. Device Management and more

If you aren’t sure if managed services are right for you, you could begin by asking some questions to assess whether an IT Support Contract with Loughtec would benefit your business.

If you aren’t sure if managed services are right for you, you could begin by asking some questions to assess whether an IT Support Contract with LoughTec would benefit your business.

  • Do you currently have the right in house talent to manage all of your IT needs?
    Is there time and resources being spent working on IT that could be better spent on delivering your products or services to your customers or developing your business. Loughtec’s IT Support engineers are expertly and thoroughly trained in not only managing but proactively monitoring and taking care of all your IT systems.
  • Are you actively monitoring your network security?
    If you aren’t monitoring your systems then who is? Data breaches cost organisations in the UK around £2.5 million every year according to the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study
  • Are your current technology solutions up to date?
    Decreased security in legacy systems is a major risk. Older systems are harder and ultimately cost more to maintain than if your hardware and software are both modern.
  • Do you have off site or remote working staff that are using their own devices on your network? (BYOD)
    Security and privacy are the two main challenges when it comes to BYOD. Organisations are worried about breaching private company data and employees are worried about privacy and just how much access their employer has to their personal data.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Managed IT Services from Loughtec could be right for you. Let our helpful IT experts take you through some more questions to find out how we can help your small, medium or large enterprise. We work with all size of business and can develop a solution for all your IT Support needs.

How we Helped Sally’s of Omagh

Here’s how we helped Sally’s Restaurant in Omagh take care of their day to day needs with Managed Services and IT Support.

Why did you choose Loughtec as your IT infrastructure provider?
We needed a company that knew us, knew what we do, our products and services. For us a local company will know better the approach needed for our IT infrastructure. Loughtec has the same friendly but professional customer relationship approach that we have at Sally’s. They have been recommended to us many times.

What were your top concerns and criteria when choosing an IT infrastructure provider?
Our top concerns and criteria were that the IT provider was local so we can get in touch quickly, we can’t afford to wait on the phone hours before been able to speak to a technician or worst wait a day before someone was able to visit our company. The experience and knowledge of IT technician is important too and Loughtec responds to all these criteria.

How important is the work that Loughtec does to your business?
IT is important and you must embrace it. For us it is capital to run our business, we have an important number of till dispatches between bar, club, restaurant… on a network system so if our IT infrastructure goes down everything will go down. To keep in touch with our customers via Facebook, website and for advertising promotion, it is essential too.

How do you view Loughtec today?
Efficient, proactive and friendly. There is never a problem always a solution.

Why Choose Loughtec for Managed IT Services?

Because we live & breathe IT in Northern Ireland and across the Republic of Ireland.

Whether you are a business with no in–house IT expertise requiring an end–to–end outsourced model or a larger business with an in–house IT department simply requiring high–end second–level support and strategic guidance. Loughtec has the perfect solution.

Areas we cover for remote and face to face IT support include Belfast, Dublin, Omagh, Donegal, Letterkenny and all over Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

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