The Real Alternative to
Citrix — Connect

Connect is the solution for customers who want a powerful, yet straightforward, cost-effective alternative to Citrix

Flexible Secure Access

Discover the flexible, secure access management platform that costs less than Citrix and is much easier to use

Cheaper but, all the benefits that Citrix offers
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Connect supports on average more users per management server
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Citrix Average standard deployment takes Days V Hrs for Connect
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Are your versions of Citrix XenApp approaching End of Maintenance (EOM) / End of Life (EOL)?


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Proven Software Product

A rich set of features ensures a superb user experience for users of both mobile devices and workstations, such as mobile optimized windows, gesture-based touch screen capabilities, auto-sensing keyboard and an overall consistent experience on any device

Remote Browsing Industry Leader

Our HTML5 remote access client is the most mature solution in the marketplace

Straightforward and Cost Effective

Connect comes in a variety of attractive pricing models with a flexible cost structure, including named user, concurrent user, site license and more.

Enterprise Ready Solutions

Connect is a single product for managing enterprise-wide access in Windows Terminal Server / Remote Desktop Services, physical desktop, and virtual desktop environments.

Our Technology

Browse with Confidence

Proven Ericom HTML5 technology is deployed in tens of thousands of devices worldwide.

Web-first Approach

Enjoy secure client-less HTML5 access and administrative management from any web browser, in addition to native clients.

Intuitive Admin and Configuration

Reduce admin requirements by up to 50% while eliminating the need for dedicated training and costly certification.

Unparalleled scalability

Supports thousands of concurrent users per Connect management server, eliminating the need for multiple deployments and sync-ups.

Empowering the Workforce and Accelerating Growth

Within the growing mobile and BYOD landscape, you want your users to be productive and your business to grow. As a leading access solutions provider with over two decades of expertise in the access market, LoughTec offers businesses an innovative yet cost-friendly remote access solution, designed for ease of use & implementation.

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