Application and Desktop Access

We quickly and easily enable simple, secure user access to business applications and resources, including Windows desktops, from any device, via any standard web browser.

Secure Remote Access

Simple to Deploy and Manage

Connect offers the flexibility to choose either endpoint- or web-based clients. A simple, web-based administration console makes it easy for IT admins to define granular resource access policies. The solution integrates with SSO software and two-factor authentication to simplify rollout. Rich visual reporting and monitoring capabilities enable logging of user and resource access activity.

Highly Available and Scalable

Combining the benefits of elastic grid technology and robust connection brokering, cloud-ready Connect offers high availability, scalability and enhanced performance. Ericom Connect dynamically scales to support thousands of hosting servers and hundreds of thousands of user sessions.

Run Windows Apps on Chromebooks

Google Chromebooks are expanding from educational use, for which they’ve long been popular, to the broader enterprise market. For enterprises with Windows-based apps, even ones that are accessible only via IE, Connect provides simple access to Windows applications and desktops from Chromebooks, mobile devices or any devices using HTML5-compatible browsers.

Move to a Faster HTML5 RDP Client

Get high-performance, simplified access without the hassles of complex installation or manual setup with the market-leading Connect HTML5 RDP Client. Enjoy easy, browser-based access to Windows applications and desktops (virtual & physical), running on Windows Terminal Services / RDS / VDI platforms, including Microsoft Hyper-V and other hypervisors.

Empowering the Workforce and Accelerating Growth

Within the growing mobile and BYOD landscape, you want your users to be productive and your business to grow. As a leading access solutions provider with over two decades of expertise in the access market, LoughTec offers businesses an innovative yet cost-friendly remote access solution, designed for ease of use & implementation.

Lower IT Costs & Operational Overhead

Connect is intuitive and easy to use via a web-based management console, reducing admin requirements by up to 50% and requiring up to 1/3 fewer servers than other available solutions.

Secure, Centrally Managed Access

Deploys quickly, and requires no specialized certification or training, so your IT staff and end-users can get straight to work.

Support Mobility and BYOD

Empower users with easy, clientless access to both Windows and Linux applications and desktops from anywhere and on any device, increasing productivity and ensuring business and workforce continuity.

Reporting and Monitoring

Connect provides powerful built-in tools for tracking, monitoring, measuring and troubleshooting, including rich visual reports and trends, dashboards, alerts, and more. You can log all user and session activity to provide business with a thorough view of how resources are used.

Hyper–Scalability and Management Simplicity

“The experience is a great example of how LoughTec’s browser-based access has proven to be a very natural experience for end users, ensuring a rapid take-up of services. From an LYIT perspective, the install has resolved our remote access challenges, enhanced IT support and delivered a robust 24/7 BYOD learning environment that is capable of accommodating the college’s future expansion plans.”

Liam McIntyre, IT Manager – Letterkenny Institute of Technology

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