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How can LoughTec protect your business?

LoughTec SOC is responsible for detecting, analysing and responding to security incidents in real time delivered through software, technology and (human) security analysts. In addition to 24/7 monitoring and management, the SOC helps organisations maintain
security policies and procedures, deliver training and provides regular reports on our customers security posture.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1.

No obligation, no cost initial consultation to review your current security protocols, enhanced potential requirements and your main concerns.

Step 2.

Deploy the LoughTec System Security Scan for a deep dive on your current cyber posture as well as your threat risk score and analysis.

Step 3.

Review all findings and create our joint cyber security action plan to mitigate the potential risks.

Step 4.

Implement the required tailored cyber improvement plan and resolution actions for your business.

Step 5.

Ongoing LoughTec account management updates with additional training and support tools and plans available.

Our advice to every business is that you need better visibility of your security posture and an understanding of the implications to your business of a data breach, malware or ransomware or any current threat.

Remember cyber threat is a real and constant – there is a good chance that you have already been hacked. If not yet, you definitely will be. It’s important to know that your network is being monitored 24/7/365 – just like you would for your property or plant.

Cyber protection is an investment, not an expense – LoughTec SOC can protect your most valuable business assets from as little as £4/day.

For more information and to book a free no-obligation consultation email protect@loughtec.com or call 0800 158 2337

Be Secure Against Malicious
Software & Cyber Security Threats

The risk of malware and cyber threats to business cyber security is more significant than ever. Contributing factors are remote working, opportunism, technology and software development, and customer complacency.

Our Cyber Security Solutions

Why choose LoughTec Cyber Security?

For us, company size isn’t important.

Whatever the nature of your organisation; small business, large multinational, educational institution, charity, your cybersecurity is critical. We provide cybersecurity systems and support so you can focus on your core business with your customers.

To secure you from attack, we assess your site and networks for cyber threats and vulnerabilities including hacking and ransomware.

We provide proactive and preventative cybersecurity intelligence. One of Northern Ireland’s leading cybersecurity solution providers, we support clients worldwide.

Working with LoughTec, you are secure knowing that we have many years of experience with clients worldwide, covering cyber threat intelligence, malware software, cyber threats and vulnerabilities, and email security.

LoughTec Cyber Security Company Crown Commercial Service Supplier
LoughTec Cyber Security Company

Our Roadmap

Our services include remote support and an online service desk 24/7

Risk assessment including website and network security scan for any cybersecurity threat.

Systems and processes implemented including email and web browsing security, encrypted messaging, secure customer communications and company-wide cybersecurity awareness.

Elimination of cyber threats and website vulnerabilities, ranging from essential cybersecurity to complex cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Systems and processes implemented including encrypted messaging, secure customer communications and company-wide cybersecurity awareness.

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