Web Browsing Security

Trust your network traffic

Protecting your network from malware is more challenging than ever before due to the commercialisation of cybercrime as well as its evolution and further sophistication.

Right this moment, malicious or sensitive files might be intentionally or unintentionally transferring through your network by both internal and external users. The files can be intercepted by web application firewalls and sent to a web gateway antivirus. But what if the file contains advanced evasive malware or zero-day threats? And what if the files contain confidential data or unexpected PII?

The LoughTec solution

Trust your network traffic

By inspecting all files travelling through your network with our MetaDefender ICAP Server and MetaDefender Core solution, your users and systems are comprehensively protected from malicious internet content.

MetaDefender ICAP Server provides ICAP interface between MetaDefender Core with any client application that supports the ICAP protocol, such as secure gateway, proxies, web application firewall, etc.

Every file is processed with best-in-class threat detection and prevention technologies.

As a result, all suspicious files are blocked or sanitised before they are accessible to the end user. Sensitive data is redacted, removed or blocked, helping enterprises meet security compliance standards

Client benefits

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